Reflections In The Gemini Mirror

Reflections In The Gemini Mirror


Reflections In The Gemini Mirror

Gemini Tri – Mirror

Artist: Gemini Tri
Title: Mirror
Release Date: 2014 April 29
Genre: Dream Pop
License: CC BY-NC-ND
Media: MP3
Pricing: Free / Donation
Label: Archaic Horizon

Any release that starts with the sound of soft flutes playing behind what initially sounds like lightly plucked strings on a harp which in a few bars reveals itself to be a ukulele has a pretty high possibility of grabbing my attention.  Who would think to use a ukulele in a way that it sounds like a harp?  Well, apparently Gemini Tri made that connection, and it’s a real ear grabber of the reflections in the Gemini Mirror.

Reflections In The Gemini Mirror

But while this is an ear-grabber of a release, I have to start off being a bit picky about part of the release: the vocals.  This is a vocal heavy release.  However, the vocals are electronically processed (through a vocoder style processor, and not an autotune processor thankfully), which I think was a decision to make the vocals blend in with the music (I’ll explain that more in a moment).  The problem is, the vocals blend so far into the music it’s difficult to make out the lyrical content.   Of course this could be due to my aging ears, however on similarly engineered / produced releases (such as Planet Boelex with Lisa’s Antenna) I haven’t had this kind of difficulty in picking out the lyrics.

However, this isn’t such a big issue that it takes away from my enjoyment or appreciation of this release.  Instead, I just end up treating the vocals on this release as another instrument in the songs.  And with such a musical palette to work with, treating the vocals in this way is not problematic.

That is the first thing that I want to comment on in this release: the technical aspects of the recording. The engineering and production of this release are gorgeous.  There is a consistent layering to the soundscape this release. It is an enveloping experience that draws you in from the opening strains of ‘Silence Of The Universe’ and doesn’t let you go until the closing of ‘Pioneer Badge’.

As for the music itself: here there is unity was well.  This is an album about reflection, contemplation, and introspection.  This is the kind of subject matter that might turn some listeners off to this release, but in this case it shouldn’t be taken from a negative perspective.  Instead think of it as a quest into understanding ourselves.  Looking at our past for clues about who we are, and how are past forms who we are now.  This isn’t the kind of release that is dwelling on the past, it’s an affirmation of where we are going.  It’s a quest to find that best version of ourselves.

I have difficulty with singling out any stand-out tracks on this release.  The reason is my listening sessions have gone something like this:

  • ‘Silence Of the Universe’ Oooh – I need to single out this track.
  • ‘Mirror’ Oooh – I need to single out this track.
  • ‘Childhood’ Oooh – I need to single out this track.
  • ‘Dream Is Destiny’ – Oooh – I need to single out this track.

You start to get the idea – every track I listened to on this release I wanted to single out.  And that has happened every time I listen to this release.  And the inverse idea – singling out the weaker tracks – doesn’t work either.  There just isn’t a weak track on here, and I wouldn’t want to take any away from it.


So, I think I have hit a point where I can summarize this release.  It’s a gorgeously produced reflective work that creates a space for the listener to examine how their past selves relate to their current selves.  This process of introspection isn’t about being gloomy, it’s about understanding what things the listener needs to carry forward to become a better version of themselves.

Through an interesting choice of instrumentation (ukulele, guitar, bass) with a plethora of electronic beats, samples and vocals Gemini Tri brings a soundscape to life around us.  It’s a soundscape that encompasses daydream pop, glitch, ambient and other styles that add texture to his world, and make for a non static environment for our ruminations.

Now if I could only understand the vocals.

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Reflections In The Gemini Mirror by SndChaser is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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