Little Smartphone Spiedkiks Interview

I first became aware of SPIEDKIKS last year with the release of “Take Off Your Makeup” on Rec72. I loved everything about the release, except for the final track. After publishing my review, Chris “Kik” Stark contacted me and explained that the last track was an homage to The Beastie Boys. I felt a little stupid — it made perfect sense. My only defense was I hadn’t listened to The Beastie Boys for several (10 or more) years. The Little Smartphone Spiedkiks interview was conducted recently, and offers interesting insights into the duo’s work, Creative Commons licensing, and more.

The Kid Still Goes On

Hailing from Gainesville, Florida, Big Shoals is a three piece band producing music that is frequently referred to as “roots rock” with a healthy dose of Americana and country twang. On their first release we get a healthy dose of how this music has evolved since it was originally known as country rock back in the 70′s and 80′s — when it was a young style. Let’s see how the kid still goes on with Big Shoals.

Impressions On Longues Plages

So, I’ve somehow fallen behind a bit with Matthew Tyas’s work. He has another release that came out this month which I haven’t acquired yet. This will soon be rectified, however, as his impressions on Longues Plages is a work that makes me want to have more of his releases in my collection.

Porki and Alvarado Explore Halla

For their second release, Porki and Alvarado explore Halla, and this time they are bringing a boat-load of guests along with them: Jack Hertz, Cousin Silas, Stephen Briggs, Eyes Cast Down, and Void of Realms. It’s a mystical, expansive exploration that takes the listener through many dimensions. Join me on the journey.

Three Excursions of Altus

I haven’t reviewed any Earth Mantra releases on The CerebralRift, despite knowing about the label for several years. Even so, starting with the three excursions of Altus on this release make is a great place to start covering works from this well respected, long running Netlabel.