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Soni Sfardati – Saqiya

This is not my first journey into recordings that have mixed cultural origins. Unfortunately, many force cultural references to fit into western music molds. However I prefer the opposite: when western cultural influences are hammered into forms to fit within other cultures, or even completely re-invented to fit them.

Very Serious Knock Knock Joke Is No April Fool’s Prank

A very serious knock knock joke is no April fool’s prank. Especially since it was released back in February, way too early to be an April fool’s joke. But, here’s the thing, in a way it feels like a joke that is backfiring. Either that, or it’s a joke that I don’t see the genius of this work. At this point, I can’t really decide which.

CerebralMix 2013-03-30: It’s A Spring Awakening

While this weeks show is not completely laid back, you might not realize it when you start listening. It starts with some pretty ambient pieces, and then gradually introduces some pop, classical, then jazz. By the end of the show, there are several more pop / dance tunes. In a way, it is kind of like the emergence of spring.